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Low profile trolling reels?

  • Ben Hesse
    Posts: 25

    Anyone have any pros cons vs the standard trolling reels? Troll walleyes Green Bay and other inland waters with mono and boards mainly. Looking at selling all my Daiwa for low profiles but want opinions lol

    Musky Ed
    Posts: 555

    Tried the Okuma connector low profiles for about $100. Real piece of garbage. Drags are horrible, the clicker button is almost impossible to get on and off, and the line counter keeps screwing up. Glad I only bought two. My son was starting out and low on funds so I gave them to him till he could buy something better. Also used Convector 15’s, drags are marginal and line counter works most of the time. Also have 6 Okuma coldwater 153d’s and they work pretty good. Also you can get them for under $100 on Amazon. Price changes daily, just have to keep watching. Got mine for $94. I may upgrade the drags at some point but they are really great feels for the money.

    Jon Jordan
    St. Paul, Mn
    Posts: 4721

    Honest question. What problem are you trying to fix here?


    Posts: 663

    I have 6 of the coldwater 153ds – great reel . Only issue I have is the line counter sticks a little on one .

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