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LoW Ice conditions

  • Jesse Krook
    Posts: 6403

    Supposed to be heading up to Lake Of The Woods tomorrow 03/17/21 after work. Anyone have a current report on ice conditions? Already planning on bringing the wheelers. TIA

    Posts: 1604

    I have some buddies heading up the 18th. They have checked with the resort a few times and they keep telling them they are good. I did see a few photos with plenty of wheelhouses out over the weekend.

    Rogers, MN
    Posts: 1019

    Just got back on 3/14. Zero snow on the lake. Even with scratchers our sleds were struggling to keep from overheating. Trucks or wheelers will be great.

    Posts: 6255

    Had some co workers come back Monday. They were 20 miles out….

    David Anderson
    Dayton, MN
    Posts: 351

    Just returned from a weekend out of Springsteel. Last Thursday they stopped letting wheelhouses out yet the ice seemed pretty good. Hindsight would have said it would have been ok but we stayed in our wheel house on shore and you could drive anywhere. There is a heave starting about 4 miles out but we did fine staying on the west side of it. The last hour always seemed magical!

    Ramsey, MN
    Posts: 3928

    Leaving Thursday for Arnesen’s. I talked to my friend there and he said we are good to go! Shoreline gets a little beat up in the afternoon so we are bringing a few boards for the wheelers. Ice cleats a must!

    Jesse Krook
    Posts: 6403

    Thanks all for the info. Appreciated.

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