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LOTW Ontario change limits comeing

  • cheers
    Posts: 271

    Looks like changes in the works due to over harvesting . The province is looking for a two fish daily limit, down from 4 . Seems the big lake is not a bottomless pit full of fish after all.

    Forest Lake / Lake Mille Lacs
    Posts: 2893

    Limits need to come down everywhere, unfortunately. Technology will only add to the pressure.

    Upper Midwest
    Posts: 3789

    It’s only a matter of time. Technology has made people so efficient at locating and catching fish, and keeping them out in extreme weather. LOTW is already different than it was just 8-10 years ago in my opinion.

    Posts: 8522

    Not that I mind if they change the limits but the timing is a bit surprising considering they basically had no harvest for nearly 2 full years or very little harvest at that. The vast majority of their harvest is from US residents from what I have seen.

    Eau Claire, WI
    Posts: 770

    I have fished lotw out of sioux narrows since 1999. I have seen the fishery change. What I have seen lately is the amount of netting increase. What used to only happening around town is now happening out in the big lake. I firmly believe that the netting pressure largely increased during the covid period. When most US citizens seeing the best walleye fishing after covid in lakes that do not see netting pressure we seen the exact oppisite. The only spieces that seem to of got better was the lake trout fishery but that is becuase there is not a commercial market for them. I have seen nets in the summer and winter left unattended full of rotten fish. I have contacted Ontario’s MNR and get the feeling there is nothing they can do about it.

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