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Looking For Granite Countertop Installer – South Metro

  • dhpricco
    Twin Cities, MN
    Posts: 293

    We are in the process of getting new countertops for our kitchen. Does anyone have any recommendations for installers in the south metro area? Couple that we have looked at so far are Granite Planet and All American Granite. I am trying to get the best price possible with an installer that has good reviews. Appreciate any feedback you have.

    cold spring mn
    Posts: 7897

    Check out capital granite or granite tops from the cold spring/ Rockville area.

    Granite tops does have a facility somewhere in the big city!

    Posts: 3293

    We used Jerrys Floor Store for 60sq of Granite and they did a great job in our kitchen.

    South end
    Posts: 699

    Capital Granite did a solid job for us on our Mille Lacs place.

    Farmington, Outing
    Posts: 8500

    Granite unlimited.

    Woodbury, MN
    Posts: 991

    Stonemasters from Edina did mine. Very happy with the results.

    Greg Krull
    South Metro / Pool 4
    Posts: 184

    I build cabinets as a side hustle. Any customer asks me for a recommendation, I tell them Granite Planet. The “Showroom” isn’t much to look at, but keep in your mind that is why his price is right, small overhead. Quick and very cost effective compared to most.

    Posts: 180

    We did all american zero complaints

    Twin Cities, MN
    Posts: 293

    We ended up using Granite Unlimited in Lakeville. They had the best price and the turnaround time was less than a week between measurements and installation. They had good communication the whole time. Think it was $45 per sqft installed and then some other misc fees.

    It is pretty crazy how many different granite shops there are all over the place. We ended up going with more of an entry level/standard color. If you can find the color you want from a shop that has it on hand seems to be the cheapest option as opposed to picking out a slab at a 3rd party like MSI ect. Lot of places said they would charge you for the whole slab if you use it or not if you go with a place like MSI.

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