LocTight on Crossbows?

  • jwellsy
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    I know blue LocTight thread-locker will destroy some plastics. I’m assembling an Excaliber Matrix crossbow and wondering if anyone has had any trouble with with Loctight on any crossbow composite materials? I’m tempted to go through and put it on every fastener.

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    From Loctite 242 Technical Data Sheet:

    Not for use on plastic parts, particularly thermoplastic materials where stress cracking of the plastic could result.

    I haven’t ran into a screw backing out on my Ravin as of yet. I do check each season and the first season multiple times as i shot a lot.

    I’d simply follow their instruction.

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    I just took a look at my Excalibur I couldn’t find one plastic part where a metal bolt screwed into a plastic part, all-metal. You must have something different.

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