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Live Bait For Jumbo perch

  • bobcrappies
    Posts: 159

    This is a fishing report for the mississippi river perch, I was using live bait and the water was around 70 degrees for the 2 limits of Perch we caught. Me and Stan give each other a lot of crap while catching these big Mississippi river Perch-Enjoy!

    Woodbury, Mn
    Posts: 16983

    They picked up at my cabin in NW Wis. This time of year I can get good ones off the dock. Had these for dinner on sat. Hopefully do it again for a couple more weekends.

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    Sartell, MN.
    Posts: 7918

    Nothing better eating than fresh caught perch. We are headed to Leech lake this next Sunday for our annual fall perch trip. The water temps were still way warmer than I would like last weekend, but will a few cold nights forecasted this week I think the water temps will drop a fair amount. Seems the cooler water temps tend to bring the Larger Jumbo’s into the shallower water.

    Karry Kyllo
    Posts: 935

    If anyone gets to Devils Lake, the jumbos are biting trolling cranks too.

    1. Devils-Lake-Perch-9_18.jpg

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