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    I have done some trolling, but not a lot. I prefer jigging or casting. I bought some trolling combos with line counters and I am trying to decide what line to go with. I am about 90% sure it will be mono as I don’t plan on doing a lot of deep trolling.

    I plan to use the precision trolling charts. I’ve read that berkley big game 12lb is the same diameter as 10lb xt. It will be cheaper to fill 4 reels with the big game and I’m hoping will hold up a little better on the northerns than the 10lb.

    What is everyone else using. Does anyone have any issues with the 12# big game?

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    I use the big game 12lb. I have run it on the clear waters of Green Bay to the stained waters of the Mississippi without any issue. It’s strong stuff.

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    I am running 15 pound spiderwire stealth and power pro.

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    16 lb sunline it is the same diameter as the 10 lb xt in the precision trolling app

    Chris Messerschmidt
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    So I run the 10lb XT for tournament trolling. Braid or Mono will work fine just get something with the same diameter as the XT. Another thing to take note if you’re using the PTA, make sure your line counters are calibrated otherwise the app is worthless.

    Best way to do it is do not cut the line from the reel when you think you’re done. Zero out the line counter. The line is measured from the tip of the rod out. So if you grab the line at the tip of the rod and walk out 100 foot with a flex tape, at 100 foot on the tape you should see 100ft on the line counter. Once you have it calibrated then cut the line and use a crankbait clip. Better action that a barrel swivel/clip. BTW if you’re not seeing 100 on the line counter at 100 feet than you need to either remove or add line depending on the reading of the line counter.

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    X2 16 lb Sunline clear mono

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