Friday – crappie and bass

  • Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
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    I hit the ice near Lincoln again on Friday after work and was hoping the more stable weather would mean active fish. The afternoon started off with good numbers of smaller fish and one really nice bass. Jake joined up with me and we fished into the evening catching a fair amount of crappies. The crappie bite right at sundown was great and I’ve heard it’s been that way at several lakes around Lincoln. After cleaning a few crappie last night I can tell you not to be afraid of using larger bait. These fish seem to be feeding heavily on 2-3 inch shad.

    Be sure to get on your favorite crappie spot around 4:30 this weekend and you’ll be sure to catch a bunch.

    Rochester, Mn
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    You have to love it when you get a bonus fish like that Ben

    Stay safe out there..

    Sparta, WI
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    It’s great to see you chillin’ your feet Ben

    Great pics, good job on the crappie twilight bite

    Richard V.
    Somewhere over the rainbow
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    Great pics, good job on the crappie twilight bite

    My favorite time

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
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    What were you saying about those green carp last week, Ben?

    Nice fish guys. Great time to be out there!

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