Report for Burchard Lake

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    I went fishing with the outdoor reporter for the Lincoln Journal Star yesterday. I don’t have any phots of my own to fill out a report so I thought I’d just post something in here.

    I started out throwing a Carolina rig, but didn’t get any bites. The last time we fished together he wrote about crankbaits so we stayed away from them this time. What seemed to draw bites as the day progressed was a shakey head. I was using a Venom Hot Rod and it was on an 1/8 oz chompers standup jig head. The hot rod is a 4″ tube without the cut or fringed tail. It is just a long hollow tube. I dip the tail in orange spike it and it seemed to work really well. I was working it in depths of 8 to 12 feet. I landed a couple nice bass. The biggest was almost 19″. I lost a 20+ bass. He made an effort to get a good picture of the bass jumping. After 3 good jumps and no good picture I decided to bring it in and a split second before I could lip it, it came off. I should have had the net out or should have landed it right away instead of playing with it and letting it jump. I told him next time switch his camera to video then he could do a frame capture later and get a good photo from it. It was a good day and we figured out a way to catch them. Keep and eye out either this Sunday or next for a feature in the Outdoor Section.


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