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Lincoln lakes area ice? (Fish Trap, Shamineau, Alexander)

  • ThunderLund78
    Posts: 1098

    Might be a long shot but does anyone have first-hand accounts of ice conditions for Fish Trap Lake or any other of the Lincoln Lakes?

    We have a weekend Hockey tournament in Little Falls and the scheduling is unreal. We basically have all day Saturday free (that never happens). Our cabin is on Fish Trap which is only about 30min north. Very rare that Hockey actually makes it easier for me to ice fish!

    Anyone know if there’s consistent foot traffic happening in that area, yet?

    AK Guy
    Posts: 521

    I’m close, about 30 miles Northeast, and small wheelhouses are starting to show. I don’t think you’ll have a problem walking out.

    SW Metro
    Posts: 6978

    Yeah, I’d think you are good to go for walking for sure. Unfortunately no fish in any of those lakes for anyone else that may be reading this.

    Posts: 1098

    Yeah, I’d think you are good to go for walking for sure. Unfortunately no fish in any of those lakes for anyone else that may be reading this.

    Yup, just one giant bowfin (in my profile pic) and Im gonna try to catch him again! lol lol lol

    Sartell, MN.
    Posts: 6866

    I know they are fishing the Bay on Shamineau near the landing. That’s been a good early hotspot for a few years now. it can become a difficult bite at times. But when its on. Its really good.

    Northern Todd County
    Posts: 561

    Da Fishin Hole in Little Falls might have the best info for you. I saw a picture on FB showing houses out on Alex.

    Posts: 260

    I must be in a similar area to AK as I’m about 30 mins north of that area. I fished multiple mid size lakes in the last few days with 6-8 inches of ice

    Posts: 193

    I grew up just west of the Lincoln lakes area I know a few smaller lakes around there such as Thunder lake, Pine Island and big lake are froze over and good to foot traffic. If not Im sure 2 tall tavern will have plenty of ice.

    Posts: 1098

    Thanks all,
    If anyone else is following this for info. At least in the more sheltered bay areas of Fish Trap there was 6″ of solid clear ice. We did walk to pop a hole closer to the edge of a point where wind may have kept it from freezing until later and found about 3″-4″ and we went no further! So be careful. Only had a few hours and didn’t have much luck. We were just walking and were limited to the space in front of our cabin. Not the first spot I would try if the ice was thicker and we had transportation. Oh well.

    More importantly, My oldest son’s team took 1st place in the Little Falls Flyer Faceoff Tournament!

    Posts: 1335

    Congrats on the tourney win!!
    My family had a cabin on the south end of Fish Trap along hi way 10. Sold it when I was 8 to move out the west metro. Never ice fished it so I couldn’t chime in with any info for you.

    Woodbury, Mn
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    Ive had some fun in that area. My inlaws used to live a block off Shamineau. I have spent many a year hunting and fishing around there. Have sledded those lakes and the surrounding trails more times than I can remember. Fished Shamineau a lot.

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