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Lights on Boat

  • jrholland93
    Posts: 59

    My buddy took me night bow fishing for the first time last weekend. I LOVED IT! I have a small boat that I want to put some lights on and off. My question is I have a small generator and was looking at the LEDs that have 5,000 lumens. are they any good or should I look and the 500w shop lights?

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58682

    I’ve been talking to some bow fishing guys. They are going with LED’s and batteries only, no generator this year. I’m not sure how it turned out for them.

    I know they were pretty excited about the advent of bright leds.

    In MN the generator needs to be below 65 (?) db which pretty much restricts a person to a Honda/Yamaha generator. Not sure which state your going to be fishing in.

    Posts: 59

    Thank BrianK
    I look at the LEDs. I now all i have to do is save up some money to buy lights.

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