Leech Smallies

  • Bartman
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    Have had an increasing amount of accidental catches of smallies while fishing for walleyes this season. Has anyone targeted this species lately on Leech? The daytime walleye bite has been pretty slow lately so am going to try to find smallies on rocky shoreline areas for the next few days. Anyone looked for these fish lately?

    Jake Thelen
    Medford, MN
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    I will be up all week. Based out of the bear island area. I will be fishing for whatever,but would definitely like to trade some info with you if you like…

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    Jake… I sent you a PM

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    Have gotten some in the past off clay banks and diamond point

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    Anyone else try for smallies this fall? Was up the first week of October, caught a few nice ones, but numbers weren’t any good. Found a lot of really nice offshore rock I thought would hold more fish. Most of my fishing is on the SE side when chasing brown bass. Might have to venture out to some different areas next fall.

    Sartell, MN.
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    I hear that the SM bass #’s are increasing a little each year in Leech.I think it will be a fair time yet till they will become a targeted species from many fishermen.

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    Lake is going to be on fire in a few years, there has been some reports of big small mouth coming out of that lake.

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    …another soon to be bass lake

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