Launching at evretts

  • Evan_peterson12
    Rosemount, MN
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    Hey guys,

    First time fishing in a boat from evretz. I know how much experience and knowledge is held in y’all’s fishing tactics and I’m not asking for secrets however any suggestions on some nubies to the area? I figure early is key apart from that I’m a little starry eyed looking at all my tackle and unsure of the exact methods to pitch.

    Thanks in advance,


    Matt Moen
    South Minneapolis
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    You have everything in the arsenal this time of year….pitching plastics and live bait or cranks would be my go to.

    For a newbie I’d head up river…towards the dam there is a ton of fishable water. I’d hit the wing dams and some of the spots on the sand. It’s probably more of a low light bite now but you can also chase crappies during the day.

    Call this guy if you want to take a guide to learn it a bit.

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