June Walleyes

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    There’s been enough recent reports on Lake Wisconsin that we really don’t need another one of the same. Only I felt that tonight was worth reporting since it was so magical. The walleyes have been absolutely on fire and you can catch them on just about any presentation you want to throw at ’em. I know this because I’ve both done it and seen it done for a while now. Crank baits, jig and crawler, jig and plastic, slow death……all good candidates and effective.
    I’m kind of a crank bait guy so tonight that’s what I started with as soon as I hit the water around 4:00 p.m.

    This last weekend I had success in 12- 20 fow and have to believe those fish are still pretty close to that same location but it’s a longer boat ride for me. Tonight I stayed closer to home and fished 6′ to 10 fow all night. I had a double within the first 5 minutes and for the next two hours it just wouldn’t stop. One thing that was different about tonight was that there were a lot of really quality fish. I don’t know if it was the cool, cloudy, drizzly evening that turned on the fish but everything came together for my best warm weather Lake Wisconsin bite to date. The fish did die off around 6:00 p.m. but had a nice fluury around 7:30 again before I called it quits. Ended up with 10 short fish 11 legals and 3 slot fish. The only low point of the night was that I had no camera in the boat and I am going to be agonizing over that for a while as my slot fish were big and heavy. I also feel that if there’s no picture then it’s just a story. ALl I got are a few of the eaters from the night.

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    Nice job on the fish Jeff. We were down there the last 2 days and with the different little fronts coming through and the wind changes the fish would really turn on. Trolling boards yesterday when the wind came up and it cooled off ,we made a turn around one of the channel markers and we boated 5 fish out of 6 rods in the water on cranks.

    From Jeff Bennett

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    Jeff – you gotta get yourself a camera just for the boat.
    Sounds like you got yourself into one heck of a good bite.
    Trips like that just don’t happen often enough.
    Congrats on some nice fish!

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    I’m still sick over it. I don’t have an I phone and just a construction work phone that can niether take pictures or send and reeive texts. Because of that I always have my camera but had mine charging at home and was rushing to get on the water so there it sat. It will be hard to top what happened last night.

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    Way to go Jeff!

    Thanks Gary. I haven’t seen you recently. Have you been out?
    Oh Yeah, still going.

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    There’s been enough recent reports on Lake Wisconsin that we really don’t need another one of the same.

    I think we all like reading any report..whether good or bad

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    Sounds like I’m missing some good fishing. Almost wish I was home to fish rather than up here in Alaska. Nice report and fish Jeff. Hope they continue for another few weeks.

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