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  • John Schultz
    Portage, WI
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    I’ve written up reports for the “fishing reports” section three times since last night only to end up with some error when trying to post, resulting in losing the entire report. So, here is the Cliff’s notes version. The fish are on fire. You can catch them any way you want to try. I had one client for a full day on Saturday and we put 49 in the boat. 7 keepers and 5 slot fish. We caught fish on cranks, slow death, jig and crawler, and moxies. Monday I had two clients and it was good to start but the wind started kicking up hard by 10 and pushed us off the lake at 2 when running the 101# terrova and full along with the kicker couldn’t get us through the wind and waves. After taking 5 rollers over the bow, I called it quits as we couldn’t fish effectively anymore. Jig and crawler, and specifically a blue parrot colored jig, was the most productive. We also caught some good fish on cranks, including the nice slot fish Brandt is holding in the second picture. We ended the day with 5 keepers and 2 slots, and 20 short fish. Bite is good right now so get out and put the smack down on them. 4 to 12 FOW has been best for me the last week.

    Chuck Melcher
    SE Wisconsin, Racine County
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    Thanks for the report…. good to hear as I hope to make it to the area next week. Love it up there this time of year.

    Portage, Wi
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    Nice work John! Glad to see I’m not the only one to run into that posting problem. But that does it. No more crappies for me. I’m going walleye fishing.

    Joel Ballweg
    Sauk City, Wisconsin
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    Your definitely putting the smack down on those walleyes John.
    Nice fish!

    I can’t wait till the weekend when I can get out again. Still trying to get caught up around the home front after being on vacation for a week.

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