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  • Art Green
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    I took the 90 mile trip, Saturday, to Lake Wisconsin to catch a few sauger and walleye for the frying pan and with the hopes of catching a few slot fish along the way. I did that and caught a PB walleye along the way!
    The day started a bit slow and cold, things I am not a stranger to. In the first couple of hours my fishing partner and I manged only 3 fish, one of which was 25 inches and fell victim to the blade bait I had been working along a steep drop off. After a short move, my fishing partner declared he had only 15 or 20 minutes more fishing in him as he was getting too cold. That time came and I motored him back to the boat dock and went back to fishing the hole I had just left. I dropped my first jig and moxie over the side and as I reached for the second rod, it was game on. I quickly swung aboard the first keeper of the day and things only got better from there. A few slot fish and a few more keepers from that hole and I started for the next one, a decision that would pay off well. I caught a few short sauger moving up and down a break and a couple of keeper walleye. After retying after breaking off a jig hung on the bottom, I went back to fishing and doubled up immediately, it was like I dropped the jigs into 2 open waiting, walleye mouths. The first to hit was definitely smaller than the second and I quickly tightened the drag and flipped in a well hooked 17 inch walleye and got to work on the second rod that was doubled over and screaming drag. When that beast came up the first time, I knew it was special and my heart beat raced as the adrenaline kicked in. After a couple more quick runs to the bottom, I finally slid the net under the biggest walleye I had ever caught. And then it hit me, I just dropped my fishing buddy off and had no one to take a photograph or a means to measure a fish this big. A quick survey of the area and I had my answer- Joel was fishing up ahead. A quick phone call and I was quickly off to his location with this big walleye swimming along in the net next to me. After a couple of quick photos, a quick 28.5 inch measurement, and congratulations from Joel and his excited clients, the beast went back into the lake. After all that excitement, and a quick trip back to where I had been,and a few more short fish, I managed to fill out my limit for the day.
    I guess I learned a few things this trip: I need to invest in a larger bump board for my boat with all the big fish being caught on this body of water this year, don’t give up fishing because it is cold and slow- my buddy sure was mad at himself, and it is good to have friends out fishing on the lake that are always willing to snap a few pictures when the need arises.

    1. 25in-Lake-Wisc-walleye-Nov-1-2014.jpg

    2. 28.5inch-Walleye-Nov-1-2014-Lake-Wisconsin.jpg

    Joel Ballweg
    Sauk City, Wisconsin
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    Congratulations on a really, really nice, fat walleye Art!

    As for taking a picture and measurement for you, always happy to help out a
    friend in that situation. I have no doubt that you would have done the same for me or anyone else on the lake.

    Its always a pleasure to hold, measure and release a really good fish, even if I didn’t catch it myself.
    (Art let me released it after measuring it)

    John Schultz
    Portage, WI
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    Nice looking fish Art.

    Art Green
    Posts: 725

    It was definitely fat . I would gladly take a photograph for any angler in need.
    Thanks again for the assistance.

    Chuck Melcher
    SE Wisconsin, Racine County
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    Congrats…. Very nice fish! Sure payed off – sticking it out in the cold.

    Hopefully I can connect with a few decent fish up there later this week. I proved last week that it was much easier fishing, than catching. Stuck too little ones and that was it. Did ok on crappies, but….

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