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Lake Winnipeg Open Water

  • Andrew Rice
    Posts: 69

    All I can find is information about ice fishing Lake Winnipeg. And I’ve done that a handful of times.

    My question is, what is fishing like in the South Basin during the Open Water season? Should I try a different part of the lake? I would really like to bring my boat up there and give it a try open water but I’m not sure where to start.

    Thanks in advance.

    jon amundson
    Posts: 135

    Contact Donavon pearase of blackwater cats guide service. His early season walleye trips are world class. Usually best around opener for sometimes pre spawn giants. Also fall can be quite good. Lots of fishing in fall around pine falls/ Winnipeg river mouth.

    Posts: 5892

    Like most big bodies of water with major river systems. Earlier the
    better. Big issue on big windy is just that it can be hard to get on the lake with any wind but basically like red lake style as far as south basin flat bowl that doesn’t get very deep.
    Can always fish the rivers however if it is to windy.

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