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Lake Winnipeg Decline

  • suzuki
    Woodbury, Mn
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    Walleyestudent Andy Cox
    Garrison MN-Mille Lacs
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    Wow…. shock
    I have seen some other recent articles regarding the concerns on Lake Winnipeg walleyes, but this is really an “eye-opener”!
    If I’m reading/understanding the article correctly, it seems that these commercial quotas are not at all related to supply and demand. Or current markets for freshwater walleye. But were established a number of years ago under a seemingly negligent or corrupt(?) previous provincial government. Whether not enough, or way too much…they (the commercial harvesters) will continue to take their allowed quota (now including large fish) regardless of whether there is a demand or market for them. Makes me feel guilty now if I order a walleye sandwich at the restaurant, but it sounds like it wouldn’t matter if I or anyone never had another as this harvest is already set regardless of whose buying?
    Then again, I suppose if the market collapsed the “owned” quotas would become almost worthless?

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    Here’s a video on the topic I ran into a couple weeks ago. It’s a little, uh, dry, but interesting nonetheless.

    East Bethel, MN
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    Here’s a video supporting the story. I was really intrigued by hiring a third party for a relatively low cost to evaluate the lake and impose the limits.

    I assume that everyone is already going to make the Mille Lacs comparison. I really think it could benefit from this.

    Angler II
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    The lake is basically void of 20-26″ fish right now. that’s what we found anyways. While there are piles of 13-17″ fish, people don’t flock to Lake Winnipeg for them. It will be interesting to see what happens when this larger year class gets netted out/dies off.

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