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Lake Michigan Kewaunee

  • captddh
    Cannon Falls, MN
    Posts: 534

    I just spent the last 3 days in Kewaunee. King fishing is scary slow at a time when it should be good. Rainbow fishing is decent but its out at 400-600 fow. That’s 14 -19 miles out. No horizon or cell phone coverage at 600. Obviously, the winds need to be light. 2,3, 5, 6 and 7 colors the best fishing the top 40 fow. Little spoons and regular sized one in greens and oranges worked. Trolled spoons so that they wobble crisply with and occasional roll at 2.8 mph. We got 12 of 16 hits Sunday afternoon and 11 of 17 Monday am. Fish size was excellent ranging from 5 to 14 lbs with most over 8. They know how to leap out so it was fun to experience. Parking lots and ramps still flooding. My contacts indicate that a few kings are hitting in Baileys harbor and in the Milwaukee to Sheyboygan area. Enjoy

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