Lack of forum posts about guys buying new boats

  • Charles
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    Yeah I keeping my 04 fishhawk for a while, replaced the transom and been adding all new electronics.

    Just hard to stomach used prices even right now.

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    With no deposit down are you sure your truck wasn’t delivered and sold to somebody else for more $$$$???
    It has happened.

    He cannot even order the truck yet. The configurator tool isnt up and ready. There have been many delays. I am getting the 22 model with the redesigned interior. They were supposed to start production Feb 7, but that was pushed back to Feb 21. The only models you can actually order now are all stripped down with the smaller engines which no one really wants anyways. My son works at this dealership so they wouldnt screw me over. You can get a 22 with the old style interior (19 to 21 style), but not the new one which is far better.

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    To the OP, I did order my 4th retirement boat last June. It was suppose to go into production Feb7 but haven’t heard anything from the my dealer. He stated he would not sell my 2020 until he gets an affirmation from the manufacturer that my boat did indeed meet the production time frame and will be delivered by May when I return from AZ. I’ve always bought new every 2-3 years for the last 30 years, but this year seems to be the toughest. Always ran fiberglass, rangers and yarcrafts with a Grady White thrown in there. This year it’s an Angler Qwest tritoon, FW thought we should try one and she added a grill. Thought she might want to do some grilling, we’ll see if she does!

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    Lol waiting months on end for a truck with a new style interior,you cant make this stuff up.

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    Lol waiting months on end for a truck with a new style interior,you cant make this stuff up.

    You do you and I will do me OK? I dont need my truck any sooner and want what I want.

    Chris Messerschmidt
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    I ordered my new boat in the middle of July and have no idea when it will show up. But the new WX 2200 will be ready to rig when it gets here. James said it best by ordering stuff long ago. I ordered electronics back last July that I just got a week or two ago. I am still waiting on stuff I ordered at christmas time.

    Its crazy how things are increasing in pricing though. Heck I bought a 2022 Skidoo snowmobile and flipped it on delivery because the season is over and still made $1100!

    People have no issues spending money it seems like.

    They say that about me but I have no loans besides my new boat coming. DEEEAAAN!!!! Tell Skeeter to hurry up!!! lol

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    Ordered new ram pickup December 28th and dealer had in on January 27th

    Hot Runr Guy
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    DEEEAAAN!!!! Tell Skeeter to hurry up!!! lol

    I imagine that Dean is busy getting ready to accept cookie bribes at the NW Sports Show starting Thursday,,,,


    (507) MN
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    Thanks its the accessories and set up that make boats nice to fish out of.
    id take an older boat with quality motors/electronics than a brand new boat and base line accessories

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    $1,250 for a 1996 17′ ranger 207t (barn find) toasted motor, rotted floors mouse chewed wires complete restoration.

    $6500 newer 2008 merc four stroke +$850 for big tiller +$250 used trophy prop
    $1200 in wood, aluminum, perco latches, led lights, ss bolts, rivets, hinges
    $850 in wire, connectors, pumps, aerators, plumbing 3 batteries
    $250 in eva foam exercise mats, carpet and contact adhesive, boat paint
    $2800 ultrex i pilot link
    $600 used 8′ talon (had to fix)
    $6000 or so in electronics 5 graphs 3 on bow 2 at tiller, including 93sv livescope and HB 360 imaging

    just over $20,000 and about 160 man hours into a 1996 boat

    Wow, nice work. While it may seem insane to spend that much on that old of boat, it’s a bargain compared to anything else. And you will definitely get your money back out of it. Those older Warrior, Yarcraft, Skeeter, Ranger glass tillers are rare commodities and there are a lot of guys looking for them.

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