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Lac Seul Ear Falls Tackle Help

  • reelworld
    Posts: 2

    Fishing Lac Seul for first time last week of June.

    Hoping to target walleye and smallmouth.

    Any tackle suggestions and lure colors would be greatly appreciated.

    Dennis Williams
    Apple Valley, MN
    Posts: 226

    You can not go wrong fishing a jig and a minnow. Go with as light a jig as you can. Lac Seul is one of the easiest lakes to catch walleyes that I have fished. Will be up there 1st week of June. Great place to catch a lot of fish. Plus the lake has not been fished hard the last 2 years with the border closed.

    AK Guy
    Posts: 537

    I remember talking to a Lac Seul outfitter at a sport show. I booked the trip and then asked what color jig works best. They said it doesn’t matter. After a week of fishing, they were right, color didn’t matter.

    Bismarck, ND
    Posts: 364

    #5 and #7 Jigging raps are killer too, especially if wanting to conserve bait. And the fish him them hard. Very fun.

    Michael C. Winther
    Reedsburg, WI
    Posts: 1200

    Fishing Lac Seul for first time last week of June.

    I will be there that same week – where are you staying? We will be at Scout Lake, so a bit more south by Farewell/McKenzie Bay than Ear Falls but still that end of the lake.

    My first time up there was the summer before the border closed and we pulled bottom bouncers and spinner rigs with minnows. Most fish were in the slot (18-21″), and we averaged 30 fish/person/day for ~7 hours of effort. Purple, gold, and firetiger blades seemed best. I’m sure someone looking to pile up numbers could do better with a jig in the right spot(s). I’ll have my wife and son along this year, so we will probably stick to pulling rigs as that will be simpler, but we’ll stop and drop jigs on a pod of fish a few times too.

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