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Kosh and rock river thread needs new future anglers to help bring back life.

  • jeff-patrick
    Fort Atkinson, WI
    Posts: 2128

    hi all,
    just want to update all Ido. thank you all for all the years, awesome years over 20. i retired few years ago and took new path. i will always be angler but we all know world changing as i did when retired. i took a challenge i wasn’t very successful as all other challenges and want make comeback to prove myself in hobby. ill b back and monitoring thread but asking someone step up and make thread hot like once before. you can reach out anytime for help. I spent many hours posting reports before.
    now need new anglers from area to help. trust me perks good if passion there. ido will take care of you or i will.

    peace Bola applause

    Dousman, WI
    Posts: 1354

    Hope you’re not bored in retirement Jeff lol. It’s been 8 years for me and seems that they absolutely flew by! Not enough time to do everything I want to do, but that’s a good problem.
    Anyway, any newbies to the Rock River system should jump all over your offer. I’ve told Jeff this before and thanked him a few times for getting me hooked on this system back in early 2000’s. If you put your time in and learn the nuances about fishing the Rock, you will be successful. A little coaching will expedite the learning curve. I took the lessons James Holst taught me about plastics on a few guided trips at Red Wing back in early days of, and applied them to the Rock and Wisconsin rivers, and walleye fishing has never been the same!
    I’ll help in trying to jumpstart this thread.

    Kelly Jordan
    Fort Atikinson,Wisc
    Posts: 325

    Hey Jeff, good to hear from you. I seem to peek in here now and then, see what’s going on. be the 7th year of owning this boat, and it’s only been on Kosh/rock river. There are many ways to fish out there, but trolling is where you will usually find me. And just like you let me hop on board to learn, I’ve done the same thing to get a few others up to speed on trolling on the lake.

    Always willing to take out some new people to get the hooked on this system. waytogo

    SE Wisconsin
    Posts: 77


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