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There are no fish in Kansas

  • sharkbait
    The mud puddle in western Ks
    Posts: 347

    The current report from western Kansas is there is officially one [email protected]$$%^ for every fish on the lakes right now.Where do they all come from??Been fishing these lakes since I was very little and 35 years later people come in and act like they own the lake.I remember years that we could fish all weekend and not hardly have to deal with another boat.This morning I had a guy dragging worms come out from the other side of a point an d cut me off while we were trolling.We had to cut in to keep out of his lines and told my daughter and a friend to be ready because were gonna drag lures through the trees.After we snagged the !##$%^ had enough guts to come back by and want me to kill my motor because it was disturbing his fishing spot.Never seen the guy before and I’ve fished this spot six of the last seven days.Still dont think its my spot.Just another spot on a public lake that I like to fish.Most of the locals learn how to deal with each other but this morning was annoying.Any boat not anchored is supposed to go by the same rules last i looked.So if the [email protected]##$%^&* in the black Triton that was on Sebelius this morning happens to be lurking here.Heres to you [email protected]##$%^.Hope you find a better lake to fish .Those were some nice drum you were cathing….LOL.Sorry to everyone else had to vent somewhere.

    South Saint Paul, MN
    Posts: 223

    Run into the same problems up here in MN on certain lakes when guys are back trolling and not looking behing them almost got rammed last year on Osakis

    Wilton, WI
    Posts: 2759

    What is a [email protected]##$%^&*? Sorry to hear about your day…

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    WHOOAAA killer….I’m surprised I didn’t get a phone call from you!
    Doesn’t sound enjoyable to me, especially having to deal with that guy while having Nikki with you.
    Maybe I’ll bring the Crestliner down one of these days soon and we’ll surround him.

    Posts: 15

    Darn, I better repaint the Triton.

    Posts: 15

    There was today.

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