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Pre fishing for outing with Grand Daughter

  • Richard V.
    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Posts: 2596

    Today I went out to scout a couple lakes so I hopefully would not have to waste time looking for fish Saturday when I take Gracie. (My grand daughter) The first lake I went to I was fishing tight to the weeds trying to pick up some blue gills. The first three spots I went to I didn’t have so much as a nibble. On the forth stretch I went to I had just got my line in the water and bam, I have about a 2 pound bass in timber with 4# line, needless to say he broke me off in about 7-8 seconds after a nice little tail dance. Then I caught four small channels, here I am fishing with a bobber in 2-2.5 ft of water 18″ down on the sunny side of the lake and the channels are killing me. The first picture is the bigest one at 19″. When I could keep the channel off I was able to catch a few gills.

    The second lake I went to doesn’t have any blue gills as far as I know. It was dredged out 5-6 years ago and was stocked with channel, flat head, crappie, and red ear sun fish. Two years Mick a friend told me that he had been catching a lot of crappie over 10″ in it. So with crappie on my mind I put my boat in, I was really surprised how shallow the lake is. The deepest water I could find was 10′ and most of the lake was 6′. I would guess that there are some monster slabs in this lake but there was not going to be anything I could do to interest them. The second and third picture shows this years hatch like a trillion shad every place. There is no sence fishing this lake until late fall.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58727

    I think you just targeted the wrong fish!

    Sounds like a good time to me!

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