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kansas road trip help?

  • thegun
    Posts: 1009

    recently we lost one of our family dogs

    He was a good buddy and everyone took it pretty hard..

    now we found a pup in kansas and are going to make a trip of it.. any ideas of things to do in kansas or on the way for a family with kids would be very helpfull..

    not taking the boat but trout fishing would be a option..


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    It’ not my kinda thing, but when my sis lived in Kansas, she and her kids always ranted and raved about the Omaha Zoo. Otherwise, throw in some Jason Aldean and enjoy the “Fly Over States.”

    Mazomanie, WI
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    My buddy went to school down there and for fun they used to get a case of beer and go ride the oil derricks like a bull in the rodeo. I guess if you could get all the way out to the end you won.

    Something to think about…

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