Night Fishing at Elwood

  • huskerdb
    Kearney, Nebraska
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    Rode along with fellow IDO member B Robinson on Wednesday night. I am sure he will have a report that will include detail about this night but wanted to share some pics.

    We set up lights on the boat near the damn at just before 10pm and the wiper bite was blazing hot!

    I was able to reel in three MA length wipers and another two that missed it by a half inch. Brian had I believe 6 that measured as Master Anger. The shortest wiper caught was still a bit over 21″ Reeling in these two foot monsters is just a blast!

    We started the night jigging cut pieces of alewife in depths ranging from 10-25″ Later we switched things up to using a 4 1/2″ white swimbait on a lead jighead. Casting this towards the face of the dam and reeling back inspired some ferocious strikes.

    While the wipers were the star of the night they weren’t the only things present. A couple walleyes, a few pike (the one pictured was my first pike ), and a stray channel cat managed to find their way into the boat.

    Steve Root
    South St. Paul, MN
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    Those Wipers look just awesome! Too bad they can’t handle our winters.

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