Ice fishing pool 10 out of Prairie du Chien

  • Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
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    No formal fishing report again…I haven’t had my camera out like normal lately because I have been searching trying to figure out these fish….

    I was out Wednesday afternoon on the Ambro Slough area and had great luck on crappies in the 8″ to 11″ range…the last two hours of the day were the best for me….I was using mostly Lil Mic’s and also a bait called a Hildabrant..All the crappies were just under the ice, if you went to the bottom you just weren’t going to put very many on the ice….

    Yesterday morning I met up with Ted Peck and his buddy Bob. We hit the ice at around 6:30 am and immediately started catching crappies….I was being very selective and we did manage 25 real nice crappie by 8 am before they just shut down for us…

    I hung out for most of the day, till around 5 pm and I just couldn’t find the hot bait….although I did get some reports that the bite picked up in another area I hung out waiting for an evening bite that never happened…

    It was great meeting you Ted and Bob(i hope your feeling better) and it was good to see the Fishing Machine on the ice again…this gal has a heart of gold and a love for the out doors like I have never seen before….

    again sorry for the lack of camera use, I’ll not let that happen again…

    see you on the ice !!(while it lasts )

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    Dave, just saw your website. Looks great!!

    Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
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    Thanks Man !!

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    First time I noticed it as well, looks good bud

    Especially that shelter in the upper right… that thing looks like a fish-catching machine! Should’ve gotten a better looking sidekick to pose with, though

    Fishing Machine
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    Thanks for the kind words Dave. True, true I do love the out doors. Just wish I could still hunt and do all the various outdoor sports I use to do. But am happy I can still fish. Any body says fish and I am there. Hey Dave and guys you are all the greatest!!!!!! I can just throw my auger away as there is always some one willing to drill my holes. Angels

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    Hey Dave, nice to see the Praire bite is going strong. Its been a bit slower down our way in Pool 10 but the bite is getting a little better. Fished today with a buddy and ended up with about 15 fish that we kept. The numbers weren’t there but the size wasn’t bad with one crappie over 13 inches and one gill over 9 inches. Most of the crappies we caught were around 11 inches. It seems the fish weren’t that aggresive as we caught most on plastics and jigs with waxies.

    Dave Koonce
    Prairie du Chien Wi.
    Posts: 6944

    Sounds good Brian, I believe the next time out i’ll be out of my boat i believe….i’m trying to set some things up to find some walleyes….It’s a hard choice , because i sure do love the ice !!

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    fished ambro slough north on landing…….noon til 430 we caught at least 100 gills/crappie/bass and 1 nice perch BUT size was the problem only kept a doz gills 6 crappie and the 1 lonely perch…..I am sure it was our last Mississippi trip this season(unless we hear the BIG ONES are hitting)

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