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Ice Fishing SW Iowa Pinkies Glenn 2-13-07

  • big_dog_ia
    Omaha, Ne
    Posts: 180

    We were slow at work yesterday, snow related. Boss kicked me out at 11:30 a.m. so I went fishing.

    18 degrees, windy, snowy and the fish were biting. I set up in the same area we fished Saturday. Put the green/chart rat finkie down the hole and the gills were there. I kept 25 gills in 90 minutes, ran out of waxies and was home by 2 pm. I don’t know the exact depth b/c I don’t have a flasther, they were deep, bottom then 2″ up. I pulled some high schoolers car out on my way out, I locked em in to get down the pond, I have no idea what he thought his Taurus could do. Ohh to be 16 again.


    Northeast Iowa, Randalia
    Posts: 1537

    Nice bunch of fish!!! Definitely better than working!!


    Malcom, IA
    Posts: 1939

    Any day fishing is better than even a slow day at work.
    Those are some nice looking gils


    Posts: 198

    Glad to hear our GB7 Lime Glow Brite Rat Finkee was the ticket.
    Those are some nice gills.
    Tight Lines,

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