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Ice Fishing Jackets, What’s Your Favorite?

  • Dogfish
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    There’s lots of choice out there these days when it comes to manufacturers and models. Anyone have a jacket that they absolutely love or a jacket that they hate? Ice fishing brands come to mind first, but would even love to hear about non-fishing brands if you got one that has served you well!

    I’m in the market for a new jacket and always like to hear real world experiences vs. commercial hype. I like to do a fair amount of hole hopping / outside fishing and only set up the shack/heater/etc. if I absolutely have to.

    Appreciate any thoughts and advice!

    Posts: 6349

    I have the Frabill one with red plaid arms, and while all the ladies love it, it’s not especially warm. I’d go for one of the layered ones with a zip in liner I think if I were buying again. And float suit as well, which my Frabill is.

    North branch, mn
    Posts: 8948

    I like my striker climate. But I 90 percent of the time only wear the liner which is a great water resistant wind proof shell. I hate wearing a jacket unless on the wheeler

    Farmington, Outing
    Posts: 7336

    Anything that has the outside chest zipper pocket to store my cell phone.
    I have a 12 year old Ice Armor suit but thinking of upgrading to the Apex.

    Mound, MN
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    Striker climate is terrific! Versatile, warm, waterproof and provides floatation

    Posts: 1552

    I think most of them are good.I have the Striker Predator suit and have no complaints.If i were shopping now i would have no problem buying any of the float suits out there today.I would look for a deal and try it on .

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    Striker hard water here . Can’t go wrong with striker I don’t think . I’d buy an electronic device first then a striker suit second. Changed the game for me . Hate using a shack unless I have to .

    Charlie W
    TRF / Pool 3 / Grand Rapids, MN / SJU
    Posts: 499

    I have a predator suit currently. It’s fine. I personally won’t be mad when it wears out and I certainly won’t be buying a float suit again.

    I had the cabelas guidwear insulted stuff prior to this. Never should have gotten rid of that. Heavy but super comfy and warm!

    Haverhill Iowa
    Posts: 67

    Love my climate suit. I first got the coat. The next year I got the bibs. I’ve had these going on either 3 or 4 years. Always looking for the “Deal”. I like the idea that it is two suits in one. Climate has liners for both the coat and bibs. I’ve never had to use the liners when ice fishing.

    Mookie Blaylock
    Wright County, MN
    Posts: 373

    Tingley Bomber jacket

    Lil'Can, MN
    Posts: 1274

    I had just bought the Simms Challenger Insulated about two years back and that’s my favorite for now. Before that I had always worn my Columbia Winter Jacket and that one is over 20 yrs old. It is no longer waterproof and I was miserable during that one day it was raining instead of snowing. Everything was drenched wet by the time I pulled the sled out and set up the shelter.

    Posts: 57

    I was wondering about the Simms insulated challenger jacket. I have the bibs which I got because they are less bulky. So far I like them. The knees have good pads, they aren’t as warm as my old ice armor bibs were, but still good. I dislike that the main zipper only goes top down instead of both ways. And wish there were some zippered chest pockets. BUUUUT, I still like them. I would, however, prefer my jacket to be more on the warm side and possibly modular. Sounds like the striker climate does those things. What do you think about the Simms jacket in that regard?

    cold spring mn
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    Slipbob nick
    Posts: 109

    Either have a 20 year old carhartt or Columbia jacket got back in the late 90s. Tend to not upgrade my clothing unless necessary.

    Posts: 781

    Climate for me.

    Lil'Can, MN
    Posts: 1274

    The Simms is less bulk and has a much lighter feel to it. It reminds me more of downhill ski jacket types. Lightweight and high maneuverability. I don’t think it will keep me warm for long periods of hole hopping. However it’s just right for pulling the sled out.

    Posts: 312

    While not a fishing suit I wear my FXR bibs and jacket that I had when I snowmobiled. A little bulky but warm and dry. All 3 of my boys have FXR bibs and coats with the fast flotation built into them and they all like them as well. They use them playing outside as well and never a complaint about getting wet.

    AK Guy
    Posts: 350

    Stryker Climate.

    Posts: 1304

    Still rocking my Sno-Suit. If I can get the jacket away from my wife. Just put a $60 zipper in the jacket. Over 15 degrees I wear the Jacket from my Storm Suit with hooded sweatshirt with Snow suit bibs. Wish they still made the stuff. Never got the bibs for my Storm Suit.

    Posts: 88

    Any Striker Renegade users or reviews???

    Cloquet, MN
    Posts: 556

    This will be year 2 on my Eskimo Superior. I wear the zip out liner as my every day jacket during the winter, and the shell is very water/wind proof (wear it in the boat when cold). One of the old apparel designers from Stryker helped Eskimo design all their new outerwear, and my superior jacket/bibs have been great so far.

    Posts: 361

    I juggle between the Striker Renegade, Blackfish Gale, and a hooded sweatshirt and Blackfish Vest. The only time I really wear an actual coat is when I am on the ATV and its really cold. Striker had a puffy jacket a few years ago that is my go to.

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    Any Striker Renegade users or reviews???

    Picked it up this fall and love it. It will be way more versatile for me than a heavy jacket. I get way to warm in a heavy jacket so I use the renegade under my bibs and it has kept me warm so far outside during the early parts of winter. The hood features are also very nice as well.

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