ice fishing around Stevens Point

  • lakedelavan
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    Hello everybody I am new to stevens point and I am looking for a little guidance on ice fishing for some walleyes. I have been ice fishing and found some areas for panfish but I am looking to target some walleyes. I am having a little trouble due to the fact that there is no contour maps to help me find structures and depths. If anyone has any tips or things I can look for to find some walleyes or some general areas I can target will be grateful. Message me if you don’t want to post anything.

    Chris Cantey
    Eagan, MN
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    I’m fairly new too. Do you know of all the local stomping grounds?

    • Black bridge
    • Red bridge
    • River road
    • The Pipe

    I’ve heard black bridge is doing well for walleyes right now… But fishing right off a spill way is not my style. I like to get away from the crowds a bit more. I had luck early ice at both Red bridge and River Road, but its gotten tough there – and crowded.

    I hit up Dubay 2 weekends ago and plan to do it again this weekend. It’s the most well known walleye fishery around the area… I drove by Lime Lake last week and there were huge crowds there, must be something up with that – and you can find contour maps for both of those lakes.

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