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  • Red Eye
    Posts: 716

    Anybody still ice fishing? We are headed up Thursday. Hoping to ice fish eyes one last time this year. But if we can’t get on the boat and rods are ready.

    Posts: 268

    Pretty sure, as of today, every resort has shut down ice fishing for the season. I’d plan on bringing the boat. We were up there last week and the ice was still 3’+ but very very soft….seen numerous wheelers has dropped through this weekend

    Wright County, MN
    Posts: 1366

    The rain this afternoon didn’t help. Heard 5 wheelers fell in last night at warroad access. I’m heading home in the morning, spent the weekend here chasing pike. I don’t feel safe going to where I want to go. Ice is about 14” or so but extremely punky. Hardly anybody out today. Too bad I wanted to stay until Wednesday. (

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