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French Creek

  • tony_p
    Waterloo, IA
    Posts: 1792

    I took part of the day off from work and decided to do alittle trout fishing.I fished French Creek which is aboout 2 miles from my house as the crow fly’s.I was useing a red Rooster tail spinner, on a ultra light with 4 pound test.The stream is in great condition very clear and runing well.I had it to myself atleast were I went. I walked up stream about 2 miles. I only caught one little brown about 7 inches long.I saw alot of fish just not alot of takers.It was a great day with the sun shining and I was out of the wind being in the hollow.I saw a few deer, one tom out in some grass doing his thing man did that get me pumped.Also jumped a few woodies boy they sure are pretty this time of year.Also the song birds were out and about.All in all it was a great day, just being out in the woods and fishing besides.Even though I did not catch much fish I considerd the outing very succesful.Something about being out in the spring watching everything come to life is just a great thing.It also reminds us how lucky were are to have such a great past time.

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    Thanks for the report Tony. I got to get up there and try it out before the bugs hit, well maybe work it around turkey season.

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