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Northeast Iowa Trout report

  • Chunk
    New Hampton, Iowa
    Posts: 206

    Went out on the trout streams yesterday and the streams are full of hold over trout. They were pretty jumpy but I did manage to catch three rainbows

    Austin, Minnesota
    Posts: 49

    nice to here i cant wait to get out!!

    Posts: 814

    chunk is a master trout fisher trust me I have fished with him.

    Big Sky Country Helena, MT (Adel, IA home)
    Posts: 1160

    I’m glad to hear someone is finding trout. I’ve noticed that many of the streams that i have good luck w/ all year ’round are empty of trout. A discussion on this was brought up on another website and i wasn’t the only one noticing this. Good to hear there are trout somewhere.

    New Hampton, Iowa
    Posts: 206

    I hope to hit the streams again this weekend. I will let you know how I do. If you are ever in the area, give me a shout, I am always looking for a new person to go fishing with.

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