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Easter weekend

  • Huntindave
    Shell Rock Iowa
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    Scored a nice fish this weekend. I ended up fishing a couple different streams and the water levels on both streams was a bit low. Still managed to bring home a two day limit for the weekend.

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    Friend wants to go up to decorah next weekend to fish. May i ask what you were using this time of year? Ill be using ul spinning tackle. Am i wrong to assume 1/16 oz silver or black/gold spinners?

    Reallly nice trout

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Posts: 7727

    Yes that is a nice fish, 3 1/2 lb. brown

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    Shell Rock Iowa
    Posts: 2549

    I was using an inline spinner w/silver blade, black and silver body and hook dressed with black bucktail. It was an 1/8 ounce spinner similar to a Roostertail but different off brand.

    I also caught other trout on a variety of small spoons. I like to use as light a line as I can get away with. My first choice is 3 pound test in either mono or braid. I’ll go as low as one pound test but it is real easy to break off if you are not extremely careful.

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