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Humminbird Sidescan Problem

  • Rainylakefisher
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    I have an older unit (898C) and my left side scan was working intermittently on the first trip out for the year. My hypothesis is that it is not the transducer as sometimes it would work fine, but then all of sudden go blank. Is there a connection pin that would only control the left side? Any other known issues/solutions? I haven’t tried to diagnose it yet … too windy on the water this weekend to be messing with it.

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    If it worked last year and you just brought out of storage and now is intermittent. Check for corrosion at the pins. Also check your cable to be sure there is no cuts, nicks, that would expose any wire to corrosion.

    Here’s the pin diagram.

    1. sddefault.jpg

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    That is great info. Thanks! Would you ever consider putting some dielectric grease on the connectors? The connectors are probably wearing down a bit as I normally don’t leave the unit on at night or on the road so it’s been attached/detached a lot.

    Twin Cities
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    Good advice from FBRM.

    If you can’t locate the issue with the above recommendations (and the transducer is still positioned properly) then you might try the following:

    1. Bypass the y-cable by wiring the port side transducer directly to the head. If the problem goes away you’ve isolated the y-cable, if it persists go to step 2.
    2. Wire the starboard side transducer directly to the head. if the problem goes away you’ve isolated the port side transducer. If the problem persists you’ve isolated the head.


    Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
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    Probably too simple, but any change to transducer location? Outboard location? Trim level? Only ask because on mine I have to trim up slightly to get out of the way of the beam.

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