Huge Dilemma

  • Eelpoutguy
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    I know a person that is a poacher.

    I’ve spoken to him about it and he keeps poaching.
    He just sent me a picture of one he got this morning and thinks it’s funny.
    Prominent person in the area, church goer, but just is a deer poacher.
    He doesn’t need the meat or mounts.
    I’ve known this person for over 40 years. I consider him a friend and because of certain circumstances I see him quite a bit.

    What do you do?

    Edit – If I turn him in he will know it’s me.

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    You could perhaps tell the game warden and they could potentially catch him in the act. I wouldnt think they would need to know your name, etc. In this case I would doubt he would find out.

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    Do you think you could have a conversation with him about it? Where you can make it clear that you know what he’s doing is wrong, you don’t wanna be any part of it, and if you’re made aware of it again you’ll report it?

    We all know what the regulations are, but we also know situations like yours. I feel like having that conversation gives him a chance to let him make a change but also makes it clear if you catch word of it again its getting reported.

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    I would turn him in. If he were a good friend I would have told him to stop. If I heard he did it again I would turn him in, but that is just me. Follow your conscience. If you can sleep fine at night, and not give it another thought let it go, and hope karma gets him.

    John Rasmussen
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    I’ve spoken to him about it and he keeps poaching

    Tough spot Matt. I wish you the best luck making your decision. I would have to be in the situation to answer truthfully what I would do. We can all sit on our high horse and say turn him in, but you have to live with the results either way.

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    I might take it as a betrayal to the friendship. If he knows how you feel and keeps bragging to you anyways maybe end the friendship.

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    I might take it as a betrayal to the friendship. If he knows how you feel and keeps bragging to you anyways maybe end the friendship.

    I can’t believe I’m say this but I agree with you.

    Sartell, MN.
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    That’s a tough one without any decent option. I’m curious why he does it. You already said he doesn’t need the Meat ( My guess is he doesn’t even to bother to process it ) and if its not just monster Big bucks, its not the trophy factor. What is it? My guess its the Rush he gets from doing something he knows is illegal and thinking he’s out smarting the law. You say that you consider him a friend and because of certain circumstances see him often. If his actions truly bother you, I think I’d stop being friends with him and make a point to avoid seeing him as much as possible. If he notices this and ask you why, Be honest with him and tell him you find it hard to be friends with someone who is breaking the law and doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it.

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    I would have 1 more conversation with him. Tell him this his last chance to stop otherwise you will notify the CO and your friendship is over.
    He knows you don’t like it and he is basically thumbing his nose at you. I would not consider him much of a friend.

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    Dan and MX are spot on.
    Tough spot but he is almost taunting you. That would urine me off after a while.
    Tough decision regardless.
    Listen to your heart and follow where it takes you. You might be be “saving” him from getting caught and facing substantial fines and jail too.

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    Heres my take on it, if he was shooting does to feed a family, or giving the meat to someone in need, that is one thing. ( yes, I know you can get free road killed deer from the DNR, or at least here anyway , but who the heck wants bruised to pizz meat? )
    On the other hand, I buy a license just like everyone else, I put hard earned money into our farm to make it better for all wildlife and yes, our neighbors benefit as well and thats just fine.

    But to just go out to shoot something and leave it to rot?? no friggin way!!
    Sure, as friends, values, opinions, and the like can differ and thats good, but to waste a critters life in the name of cheating others who tow the line to have a chance??
    You know the answer, that said, you must be the one who determines whats worth more to you.
    Ya, I get it, friendships are established over a long period of time and are too few and far between, if he means a lot to you, work on him yourself and let him deal with his demons.

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    Poachers suck. I’d turn his ass in so quick.

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    Is he poaching as in dropped-a-little-corn on accident? Or out the truck window in the dark poaching?

    Are the deer getting tagged?

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    He would’nt like me very much.
    The only way he remains a friend is you do nothing.If you talk to him and threaten to do something,probably over,if you tip the wardens off, over.Beat the hell out of him,over but you get the satisfaction knowing you did the right thing.

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    Sucks your friend put you in this situation.

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    Give me all of the info and proof I will turn him in. You can sleep well, I will too. I turned in 3 people this summer. Doing my part. Rules are rules. No one gets to chose which works of them.

    There aren’t enough officers to police effectively, so that is our role.

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    I guess it depends on how good of a friend he is to you. If you have confronted him about it before and he keeps doing it and bragging about it to you then he’s not very my smart and maybe needs to be educated about it

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    Is the meat going to waste, or getting consumed?

    If its getting used, I guess i view it as pretty much a victimless crime and I would mind my own business.

    If the deer are going to waste, or just being left to rot – different scenario, but I probably wouldn’t call that in either if it was going to cause hard feelings and hurt friendships.

    I would wager that most(all) here know people that break some laws repeatedly but don’t call the law on them. Do you know anybody that smokes weed? Drives too fast? Maybe doesn’t claim their pull tab winnings on their taxes? How about people buying a used boat and claiming the trailer was only $300 to avoid paying tax? There are lots of people on moral high horses that talk big, but fall short daily when the rubber hits the road.

    I would do whatever allowed me to sleep well…..

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    I would find a way to turn him in. I think I’d have a phone call with a Game Warden and come up with a plan where he can catch him in a way that leaves me out of it. It’s something they’ve dealt with before. Enough tips and they can figure out how to “randomly” catch the guy.
    I actually did something similar to this twice. Both times on an ex bosses brothers. Both were convicted, and I was never questioned or suspected as far as I know.

    Gitchi Gummi
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    Turn him in. You’re enabling his behavior.

    You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.

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    If he needed food and was poor and utilized every kill,I look at that as one thing but killing and wasting the meat is another. I new a buddy growing up that they were dirt floor poor and his old man would feed them off the land, wasn’t greedy didn’t take more then needed just what they needed. I look at that a little different then killing deer just to kill them. That I don’t vibe with. The fact this guy goes to church means nothing. I don’t think going to church makes him some outstanding citizen. I know many messed up people who go to a church.

    Erik Swenson
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    Sorry Pout, but that is not a friend in my opinion. That is someone who knows you don’t approve and telling you is like him pissing on your doorstep. Turn him in and end the relationship.

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    Lets see a photo of the deer! Maybe stop in at the local pub for a beer or two and show the bartender. Loose lips will do the work. Let them spread the word for ya if your looking for an easy way out.

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    Is the meat going to waste, or getting consumed?

    If its getting used, I guess i view it as pretty much a victimless crime and I would mind my own business.

    Maybe 20 years ago. No one needs to do this now to survive if the live in a populated area. There are so many services for people you can get what you need for free. You won’t live a great life, but you don’t need to poach to live.

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    If you look at him as a thief, and look at the public as a client. The question becomes would you allow one of your employees to steal from one of your clients?

    404 ERROR
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    Dang. I would make my stance known that I believe it’s unacceptable. If he continued, like you said, I consider that a breach of friendship and would make the call.

    However, if this is an involuntary friendship (business partner, neighbor, bartender at your favorite joint, etc.), this can be tricky. How you handle it is a question you can only ask yourself. Weigh out the pros and cons and don’t second guess your decision.

    I was in this situation as well, about 10-15 years ago…and regret not saying something…This individual is now someone who responds to poaching calls… doah

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    You can work with the Warden, I forgot the name for our area. But they could set a trap up, I have been seeing both them a lot lately around the public lands around crosslake.

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    Thanks all for the responses.

    I need to have another talk with him. Ain’t going to be easy.

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