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hows the ice in the wabasha- nelson area please

  • bruce s
    Posts: 7

    am looking to trip up to the river in the nelson-wabasha area and act like a grumpy old man!! how is the ice conditions please?????? have a new machine with tracks so dont want to sink her the first time out!!!

    thank you, grower53

    SE, MN
    Posts: 456

    Guys are running side by sides and atv’s on the ice. It’s been a zoo in that area. Seems no one works anymore and everyone has taken up ice fishing. Good luck

    Matt Moen
    South Minneapolis
    Posts: 3610

    We were down last Friday and it was good. First time fishing the area and we hit a couple sloughs. You’ll be able to see where everyone has been at but we didn’t encounter anything real sketchy.

    Upper Midwest
    Posts: 4165

    Ice is variable on the river, but the community backwater spots are all pretty thick now.

    The fishing itself could be a little tougher as we’re heading into the coldest days with the thickest ice, tons of traffic, and the most finicky fish. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a nice bite window Saturday morning before the snow moves in with a warm front. Try to stay quiet and away from crowds if you’re seeking out bigger fish. Don’t be afraid to go really small if fish are finicky. My last outing I found a 1/64oz bullfly was the best jig for some 11-12″ perch. They wouldn’t touch crappie minnows or any type of small spoon.

    bruce s
    Posts: 7

    thanks for the info, i really appreciate it!!! good luck fishing to you!!!!!

    bruce s
    Posts: 7

    fished monday feb 1st, inbetween nelson and wabasha, 2 guys 7 perch total for the whole day, 8 am to 5 pm, no one else around catching any either, maybe 15 people came out to fish, no one fished more then us.

    tues feb 2nd went up to pepin in 9 ft of water, caught 10 perch for the two of us, mostly the same story as yesterday.

    SE MN
    Posts: 3218

    Welcome to the forums Bruce. Thanks for a report. Those community spots along 25 are hit or miss. I believe they only produce early in the season in my experience. The water looked pretty low this fall so maybe that has kept fish away? Where did you venture on Pepin? I have only fished the marinas and Frontenac on hardwater and did pretty decent this year but Pepin is very humbling on ice so I limit my time there to the open water.

    bruce s
    Posts: 7

    i was north of the town of pepin, used deer island road to get on the ice and drove south about a mile maybe???? sand flats and the perch had been using it 2 days before i was told

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