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How to Post Pics

  • papaperch
    Posts: 166

    Can’t figure out how to post pix on this site. Have used Imgur hosting service and it works great for other sites.But not this site.

    Dakota County, MN
    Posts: 4209

    When you are replying to a thread, scroll down a little and the “Browse” button will let you post photos. And you can click the “Add another file” link to upload a couple of photos if you’d like.

    1. Untitled.jpg

    International Falls a few miles from Rainy Lake
    Posts: 13189

    Just know that you have a 25% chance of the photo loading correctly here. It maybe upside down or sideways either way.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58682

    If you’re using a hosting service, you’ll need to use the “img” button and paste the url in there.

    If you have the file on your computer, follow Sharon’s directions.

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