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House water filter

  • onestout
    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 2510

    It is looking like I am going to need a whole house water filter to remove some sediment and taste/odor that we are getting from our well. The carbon filter in our fridge does a good job of removing it so I am thinking a carbon filter for the whole house. I am waiting for the water test to come back and verify what I actually have in the water but I am guessing the carbon filter will work. What is a good brand/model that works good and doesn’t have crazy expensive replacement filters?

    Mike W
    MN/Anoka/Ham lake
    Posts: 12593

    We have been installing Rusco spin down filters to catch sediment. Open it up when needed to blow the crud out. Change a filter once every 10 years. This filter is only for sediment.

    Taste and oder in the water could be iron, magnesium, tannins or something else. Good to get the water tested and then figure out what you need from there.

    New Richmond, WI
    Posts: 1327

    put this one in our house ( I like the WiFi feature – will alert you if you have a leak or other damage and tells you when you need to change the filter. Our well water is loaded with iron (and the sulfur that goes with it) and this really cleans it up before it gets to the softener.

    Woodbury, MN
    Posts: 981

    Not a whole house water filtration system. But I would suggest getting a Zero Water filtration pitcher for drinking water.

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