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Hopefully this isn’t politically connected

  • Biggill
    East Bethel, MN
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    Pay up.

    Pool 2
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    What makes anything recent more of an “effort to dust this post” than the previous 3 pages?

    Well, the addition of off topic replies I guess.

    I would credit the addition of DTJ as the leader of the Republican Party as one. I did not know that.

    Adding Obama, hunter and doctor Fakey to the conversation gets additional credit. I love sarcasm so this is all good stuff. Not kidding either. I welcome it so find these post entertaining.

    EPG, I have a cold one says we hit #5.

    Pool 2
    Posts: 1470

    Gill, I was too late to get my bet in.

    EPG, double or nothing on 6?? Two cold ones.

    Farmington, Outing
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    I’ll give ya an A for effort. waytogo

    Red wing,mn
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    Totally! 😂

    Southern WI
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    I guess I dont understand how anyone can believe anything they read from anywhere anymore. There doesnt seem to be any accountability or difference in stating your opinion or having it typed/read as a fact (this goes for news outlets as well)

    Regarding this specifc event, regardless of political choice nobody deserves to be beat with a hammer unless that person is a physical threat to the person with the hammer

    Still cant believe this topic hasnt been dusted yet either, I was thinking by page 3 it would have been

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