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8/16 FHNB report

  • John Shear
    Chippewa Falls, WI
    Posts: 205

    Hi all.
    I volunteered at Fishing Has No Boundaries on Lake Holcombe, August 16 & 17.
    I had a (mostly) blind guy and his service dog in the boat. Truth be told, he can see a little out of one eye – enough to check out the ladies.
    He isn’t into cranking or trolling and prefers to jig. So I putted around looking for any sign of piles or life on the electronics. We did find many cribs, but no fish hanging around them. Found some other stuff that looked like brush piles and caught a variety of walleye, smallies, and crappies on some spots. Pulled a 36″ pike off one.
    The best place was around the supports of the blue bridge. Dinky gills were all over the surface close the the cement pillars. When we got close to the pillars, the top 12 feet of the sonar lit up with red streaks all over the place and it was non-stop action for dinky gills. We finally figured out if we got our bait down a little deeper that crappies were suspended below the gills at about 12 feet.
    In the end, my new friend had a lot of fun and went home with a couple of baggies of bluegill and crappie fillets. Helping him catch fish was as much fun as catching fish myself.

    A couple other guys fished the bay just before the entrance to cranberry lake. They said there were lots of bluegill in there, though small. I didn’t get there to check it out myself.


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