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Memorial Weekend

  • tgruenke
    IGH, MN/Holcombe, WI
    Posts: 587

    Was up at the lake house Saturday through Monday. We set up in the channel in about 8 fow just outside of the Jump the walleyes were still leaving the river after spawning. First cast something hit my 3’moxi, still have never caught a fish on it…. My wife than got a fish on a half a night crawler on a jig. We all switched to that. We ended up with about 10 total we kept 5 for a shore lunch to go with our marinated bacon wrapped pheasant back at the house.

    THe high light was my sister who got a one day license caught a 37 inch sturgeon. She fought with it for 10 minutes and after it wrapped itself around the anchor I though we would lose it. We got it untangled and we got it in the boat. After a few picture it was released. It was her biggest fish ever.

    Over all it was great weekend spent with family. My two year old son loved the boat and watching the fish we caught.

    Chippewa Falls, WI
    Posts: 250

    Sounds like a great weekend. I was up in Chetek catching crappies with the family. It’s always fun to just slow down and relax.

    IGH, MN/Holcombe, WI
    Posts: 587


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