Help needed ice fishing BSL or Minnewawa

  • Ben Thompson
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    My family has had a cabin on Bill Horn bay since the early 1960s. I try and get up a few times a year during the summer and winter to do some fishing. I’ve been struggling to have much success in the winter though. I’m trying to find some walleye, but at this point I would be happy with anything lol. Not trying to ask for anyones spots, but what bait, time of day and structure are you ice fishing either BSL or Minnewawa.


    tim hurley
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    BH is supposed to be coming back for Tullibies, I am also looking at that bay for Feb, or March. If that fishery is back BH is the place. PM me if you want other info on BS———Good luck!

    Grasston, MN
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    In my opinion…
    Over the last couple years the walleye have shown up in traditional crappie spots. You have to get out and start punching holes. That main basin has so much structure that doesn’t get fished. Yes, the Tullies have been back for a couple years. Look for 30fow “ish” and drill 4-6 holes in a line. Look for marks anywhere on your electronics. Tullies are speed demons and will hit/attract to anything flashy and moving. Dont be afraid to go where no one else is. Warm weather and melting snow triggers Tullies.

    I’m impressed in the amount of people that are on the lake now days. We even see people spending the night with ice castles on one of the darkest stained lakes in the area! Its Big Sandy, it will humble the best fisherman in the area and state.

    Good Fishing

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