Helix 7 Ice Bundle G1 vs Newer Units

  • holmsvc
    SE ND
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    I am looking at replacing an older flasher with a Helix 7 ice bundle. I will still have a FL28 that would be my primary unit.

    I was planning to buy a used unit as it will mostly be used for lake maps in the winter, but will be my backup/wife’s flasher. I’ll likely mount it on my boat console in the summer next to my G2, 12. It doesn’t have to be networked as it would be used as a GPS only with a lake master chip.

    My main questions is has there been any major changes or improvements G1 to G4? I don’t need to worry about the mega live capabilities as I have a 12. Was there a lot better target separation in newer versions?

    Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
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    Not sure about target separation, but interference rejection was greatly improved in the G2’s. I believe G2 is when they added chirp sonar.

    NW Iowa
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    Honestly, If the plan is to use it for just GPS… I have scientific proof, but the G1 units seem to load the maps faster and lock position faster for me. I do the same thing and have a 5 and 7 G1 that I use just for maps and couple 10s that are linked togeather in the boat for sonar the 10 upfront takes forever to display my speed, as I like to know how fast I am pulling rigs and still not used to just looking at the remote for the minnkota.

    SE ND
    Posts: 190

    Thanks for the replies. Anyone switched from G1 or G2 to a newer unit and noticed any significant improvements?

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