Lake Winter

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    Hi everyone,
    I plan on taking a trip to lake winter area in sawyer county this wkend. I’ve heard there are nice skie’s, LM bass and wallys in there. I don’t want anyone to reveal there secrets or GPS coordinates “it would be helpful though lol” but if you can confirm my thoughts or tips, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Lake Winter is a great fishing lake, quite a few muskies in there, a lot in the 35-38 inches, and quite a few bigger than that. ok walleye fishing in it, not a ton, but nice ones, and a rebounding Largemouth population. For muskies concentrate on weeds right now, fish right by the bridge, laughting lady bay, which is on the west side of the lake by the cattails, musky bay, and both bays on the north side of the lake by Lake Winter Road. Look there for the walleye too, and in the river channels, and largemouth will be in the thick weeds, and timber. Top baits For muskies now are cowgirls, slammer minnow baits, and Slammer drop belly gliders, and jerko/squirko’s. Hope this helps you out a bit.

    good luck,
    Tanner Wildes

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    Four of us will be chasing muskies in the area starting Friday. We stay on Winter but usually fish other lakes within 15 – 30 minutes of it.

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    Thanks TW,
    I’ll try my best and will post pic if I happen to land a few.

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    Thank you again, for the great advice. we also fished the Chippewa flowage.
    However, I was unable to boat a ski. it was still a very fun trip, we saw a good amount of fish and im definitely taking another trip back there. The area is beautiful and would’ve been made a great background. lol

    Thanks again,

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    Hey everyone. I know this is an older thread but we’d like to see if anyone guides on Winter. We will be there the second weekend of October and would like to make a run at some fall Muskies. Thanks in advance.

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    contact Tanner he lived on winter so should be able to set you up

    Tom P.
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    Be dogon careful there are old concrete bridge pylons just past the new bridge heading into the lake from the landing. Ripped a 4 foot hole years ago in my ProCraft bass boat idling thru there. They were never marked then and I don`t think they are now either.

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