• mroberts
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    Any word on the crappies or the walleyes in the flats. I need to hit it soon however have to wait my wife will be having baby # 2 any day now.

    Richard V.
    Somewhere over the rainbow
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    I’ve had too much stuff to do, and can’t get out. But I am catching up. I really need to realign my priorities. A buddy asked me to go to Hillsdale with him today but I was putting replacement windows in my daughters house. Tomorrow my wife and I are taking my mother out for her birthday. Like I said too much to do and no time to do it all.

    Wish you and yours good luck with the baby. My youngest daughter is expecting #2 in two months. (another girl) And my second daughter is expecting a boy next month.

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
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    …and here you are posting something about fishing….man, you ain’t gonna have any time at all, I keep tellin you that!

    I’d like to get down there this fall and give some crappies a try. There’s a lot more cover in the lake than years previous, but I would think they’ve gotten used to that, and some of it has died off, so maybe they’ll get out and relate to the dam like they used to. I need to get down there a little more often and give it a try. Let me know when we’re goin, Matt.

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