Nite Bite Was Good

  • slaktrak
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    A friend of ours took my son and I out for a night of fishing for white bass. We picked up some bonus walleyes. 44 white bass (one shy of a three man limit). 5 walleyes with the biggest (caught by yours truly) going 23 1/2 inches and probably 5 lbs. My son caught the next 2 largest walleyes going 20 1/2 and 19 inches respectively. Our host caught the two eyes going 17″ and 18.5″. The fish were hitting on crappie jigs under floating lights. The shad (baitfish) were schooling big time under the lights , drawing the predators we were fishing for.

    We had a great night of fishing. Thanks to our guide for putting us on the fish and for memorable night.

    Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
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    Congrats on some great looking fish!!

    zachary fries
    Central Nebraska
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    So, what time is supper

    Well Done

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
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    Looks good to me.

    Been wanting to get down there this year again for the night bite, this only proves I really need to get down there!

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