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Fishing the Weeds and Trees

  • slaktrak
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    I think I’m going to try fishing the weeds and trees over at Harlan for walleyes. Can a person do well wading out in the shallow areas and pitching weedless spinners, jigs and spoons for walleyes? I’ll also try slip bobbering live bait like crawlers and leaches. Any other tips?

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    another good bait to throw for walleyes but its a bass bait is a ratl-trap.most of your hits will come ripping it out of the weeds. when you get hung up on some weeds just set the hook basicaly and most of the time all the weeds will come off with the force of pulling..also try thin fins they run shallow soo they might run above the weeds….

    hope this helps,

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    try this.find the deepest edge of the weeds to deep water,find the inside pckets,openings in the weeds etc.look for the points or inside turns,normally the largest predators muskie,northern. bass. and large walleyes will key in these areas.and pick out the best feeding or ambush areas.we have caught many large walleyes in these areas.if walleyes are feeding or moving up to these ambush can catch a pig or two in the same area.when it dies down a little in these areas move on.but come back to these pockets turns and breaks.light jigs 8th ounce 16th ounce.kgrubs are deadly mix and match colors.i double the tail back and make theme totally weedless we pitch to these areas.the water may only be between 2to 4 ft deep watch your line closley.we have found the longer our presentation slow falls before it makes bottom. the longer it stays in the strike zone in a nut shell we are fishing BASS for walleyes.these stikes are vicious these walleyes are there for one thing feed.we are catching descent fish all day.high sun or meat needed. fish slow and finesse if possible the rewards are great.hang on.and have fun.FISH,HUNT EAT SLEEP WORK…….

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    Hey thanks for the useful info fellas.

    Just one other question about the types of rod and reel combos. With the heavy cover are you using your baitcasters with heavier line or still using your wallleye spinning rigs with lighter line? Obviously, if your pitching lighter follow up jigs your using the spinning rig but what about the rest of bass stuff?

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