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Great trip to Harlan Co.

  • DAVE B
    Posts: 6

    Took the family to Harlan Co. on Tuesday and Wednesday. Boat’n,fishing . Quickly turned in to a walleye catching trip. Big ones little ones and everything in between. We ate fish at dinnertime. Had fish with our eggs in the morning and fried up fish at noon. And still took plenty of fish home. We pulled flicker shad out in deep water down by the dam on the north side of the lake.
    We did not only catch walleye, but wipers, catfish ,white bass and even 2 large mouth. What a greet trip

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    Congrats. I’ve heard a lot of the same down there.

    How big were the wipers? I can remember when that place was the wiper capital for a short time. Never hear about em down there anymore.

    Posts: 19

    Good on you guys. I’ve been good reports out of Harlan !

    DAVE B
    Posts: 6

    Sorry it took so long to answer your question. I unfortunately have one of those thing you call a job. Since this heat has moved in . I have not had any time to do much else,but work and sleep.
    We caught 6 wipers between 21 and 25 inches long. And bunch of smaller ones. We only kept one . It swallowed our bait. Our family does not care for the taste of whites and wipers.

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