Happy 4th of July weekend

  • sand-burr
    Grasston, MN
    Posts: 396

    Lots of fun in the Big Sandy McGregor area!
    Stay safe and be careful of boat traffic.

    We will be doing our typical Seasonal Campsite festivities!

    Go Eagle Point!!!!


    Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
    Posts: 1467

    Happy 4th! Heading up tomorrow morning and can’t wait! How’s fishing been?

    Grasston, MN
    Posts: 396

    Seems like every weekend has been full of wind and tons of boats waiting to get out. Water is on a slight rise but fishing has been steady. Stay close to the weeds. With the traffic this weekend they will be out on the main lake humps.

    Good fishing!


    Grinnell, Ia
    Posts: 115

    Happy 4th everyone.
    Have a fun and safe weekend on water or land, PARTY ON GARTH. toast yay peace

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